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Course: Alzheimer's Risk Reduction Accelerator

Number of Credits: 16

Course Desription

Suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) is at epidemic proportions, and the future is looking bleak. Unless people learn how to reduce their risks of a diagnosis of AD, by 2050, our medical system will be bankrupt, there will not be enough care facilities or enough people to care for those who need it.

In addition to these challenges, the number of family members and friends who are watching people lose the ability to remember them, know where they are, feed and bathe themselves, etc., will double.

This will bring on unnecessary pain and suffering.

This course takes students on a journey of learning:

  1. The major risk factors of Alzheimer’s Disease
  2. What these risk factors specifically do to the brain
  3. How to mitigate those risk factors

Students get a clear understanding of:

  1. What their personal risk factors are
  2. Which factors they can address
  3. Their individualized protocol for brain health

This information is hands down the most effective way to increase the chances of a lifelong healthy brain.

With newfound knowledge, students can share information with patients, family and friends. This will multiply the number of people who know how to reduce Alzheimer’s Disease and lessen suffering.

Course Objectives

Module 1

  1.  Understand the current and future impact of Alzheimer’s Disease
  2. Differentiate between reductionism and holism
  3. Determine the importance of telomere length to brain health

Module 2

  1. List the stages of sleep
  2. Describe the role of the glymphatic system
  3. Explain APOE

Module 3

  1. Identify the oral bacteria implicated in periodontal disease
  2. Know how nitric oxide levels effect brain health
  3. Discuss the steps involved in Kirtan Kyria

Module 4

  1. Recognize the components of Psychological Well Being (PWB)
  2. Explain three most common causes of chronic inflammation
  3. Know why people experience brain fog

Module 5

  1. Identify what modality is the best for improving brain fitness
  2. Understand the intersection between quality and quantity of life
  3. Describe the importance of Advanced Directives

Module 6

  1. Discuss three food plans that are beneficial for brain health
  2. List what each of the food plans discussed in the program have in common
  3. State what BDNF stands for

Module 7

  1. Specify their individual Alzheimer’s Risk Factors
  2. Indicate risk factors they will address
  3. Implement personalized Alzheimer’s Risk Reduction Protocol

Course Format

  • Online, on demand, self-directed. Course recorded April 2022 and is available for purchase through May 2025.
  • Seven recorded modules accessed online. Each module is approximately 90 minutes long.
  • Students move through course content at their own pace. There is no timeline that needs to be adhered to.
  • Students receive 2 one on one calls with Angie during the course. One after the completion of the first 3 modules and one after completion of all the modules. These calls focus on the development of the students individual Alzheimer’s Risk Reduction Protocol.

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Program Provider:
HyLife, LLC
Program Instructor:
Angie Stone, BLS,CDP, BS,RDH, holds certifications as a Brain Longevity Specialist and Dementia Practitioner, in addition to having obtained a bachelor’s degree in psychology and an associate degree in dental hygiene.

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