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Author of Dying from Dirty Teeth

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Angie’s Offerings

Angie’s life work has focused on making a difference. She believes in the motto, “Leave them better than you found them.” Through her many professional and personal experiences, Angie feels blessed to have been able to achieve this time and time again. As her journey continues, it has become apparent to her that sharing what she has learned is a wonderful opportunity to help others make a difference in the world as well. Angie offers several avenues to learn from her.

Live Group Presentations

Angie has shared her knowledge with audiences extensively across the United States and abroad. No matter the topic, audiences routinely report not being bored, loving Angie’s energy and passion, and going away from her presentation armed with new information that will assist them in making a difference in their own way. Don’t let your group miss out on Angie’s entertaining, fun and educational presentations.

Professional Guide

Professional Guide

Angie is the go-to woman for those wanting to hire someone down to earth, honest, knowledgeable, and affordable to come alongside them and act as a guide for next steps in their professional life, or those interested in improving the oral health of elders. Angie also consults with dental offices who are interested in keeping their elder patients dentally healthy for their entire lives.


Online Learning

Angie realizes not all people have the ability to attend her courses in person. Thank goodness technology can solve that problem! Angie has placed her courses online so she can share her messages virtually. Check out her courses at AngieStone.Teachable.com.

About Angie Stone

Her career in the dental profession began serving our great country as a dental technician in the United States Navy. Once she completed her enlistment, she worked as a dental assistant and eventually obtained her associates degree in dental hygiene from Madison College, Madison, WI. She later earned her Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Upper Iowa University.

She loves being a clinical hygienist. After a few years of practicing, she attended her first Under One Roof Conference and learned there was much more to a dental hygiene career than working directly with patients. With her newfound knowledge she set her sights on additional endeavors.

As a result of her determination and grit, Angie has an extensive Curriculum Vitae (CV) and it continues to evolve. Here are some of the highlights of her CV:

  • Delivered presentations to dental professionals in 47 states and 7 countries
  • Presented at numerous Alzheimer’s and Nursing Home Conferences
  • Faculty in dental hygiene and dental assisting programs
  • Director of Education positions within dental product companies
  • Hygiene Consultant with a leading dental consulting company
  • Key Opinion Leader (KOL) for several dental product companies
  • Authored an Amazon Best Selling Book and numerous published articles
  • Held the position of Editor In Chief for a Dental Hygiene Publication
  • Created a signature program to improve the oral health of dependent elders
  • Developed and ran a company to deliver her signature oral care program
  • Created and managed a research project, resulting in publication of the research
  • Appeared on television, radio shows and podcasts in the United States and Abroad
  • Received the Sunstar Award of Distinction
  • Received the Innovator in Teledentistry Award
  • Eight-time attendee of Career Fusion
  • Holds certifications in Dementia Practitioner, Brain Longevity Specialist Care Giver, Dementia Friendly Business Trainer

“It never ceases to amaze me how Angie has this unique ability to entertain, educate and inspire her audiences. I walked away with renewed enthusiasm and excitement!”

~Pam Hawkins, RDH

“Angie was one of the best presenters I have ever worked with. She was passionate, confident, funny, and knows her subject inside and out.”

-Howard Pitkow, Professional Photographer

Presentation Topics

The Alzheimer’s Experience

Currently there are 5.8 million suffering from Alzheimer’s in the United States. This number is predicted to rise to 14 million by 2050. Couple with that the fact it is rare those with middle to late stage Alzheimer’s receive dental care of any kind and it is a recipe for disaster. In fact, there is a disaster today, within the halls and rooms of locked dementia units across the US and the world is oblivious. This course will take the attendees on an Alzheimer’s journey. It is imperative the dental team and other professionals understand how to care for those with cognitive issues and realize what it is like to be affected by this disease. Recognizing the signs that things are changing for our elders is key. Shoring up dental health before the disease advances is necessary. Decisions on how oral health will be maintained when the elder is no longer able to care for their own mouth need to be made early and need to be implemented quickly when the time is right. Few receive this kind of care.

What If They Are Wrong and We Can Stave Off Alzheimer’s

A diagnosis of Alzheimer’s in the 21st century should not be synonymous with a drawn-out awful death, and it is. The first diagnosis regarding brain changes is Mild Cognitive Impairment. Patients are told there is no treatment and there will likely be a progression to Alzheimer’s Disease, which also cannot be halted. A “Get your affairs in order” attitude is the norm. But, what if they are wrong? This course will provide hope for attendees, their loved ones and their patients in the realm of Alzheimer’s Prevention and Brain Preservation. New research regarding prevention strategies will be presented. Hands on activities will also be included.

A Dementia Friendly

As humans are living longer than ever before, changes in the brain are becoming more prevalent among elders. A few decades ago, these changes led to a diagnosis of senility and a life confined to a “county home” for most. Today brain changes are better understood than in the past and society is learning to work with individuals who are living with a diagnosis of some type of dementia. This trend has dental and medical professionals caring for patients they may not be prepared to serve. Likewise, other businesses are serving customers who have dementia. This presentation will walk attendees through numerous aspects of care and serving people with dementia in the hopes of having the best care and service outcomes.


Angie Stone captures her audiences instantly with her authenticity and inspiring message.  I would not hesitate to recommend Angie to anyone looking for an energizing and passionate speaker.”
Michelle Prince

Ziglar Certified Speaker / America's Productivity Coach , Prince Performance Group

Angie Stone presented at the Iowa Dental Hygienists’ Association Student/Faculty Conference. Not only was her presentation informative and timely, she completely engaged the students. We are having her back!

But why take my word for it…the following are quotes taken from the student evaluation forms:

“Awesome, very educational and will take this information with me in the future!”
“My new motto: What would Angie Stone do?”
“You are a role model to KCC!!!”
“Angie is amazing!”
“Another great presentation by Angie!”

Angie has made the jobs of the conference committee easy… due to the numerous student requests to have her
back, finding our speaker for next year is a no brainer!!

Pat Alden, RDH, BS

Pres-Elect , IDHA

The Danville District Dental Society recently hosted a CE seminar with 3 speakers and about 250 attendees.  Her presentation and information is best described as “Mind Opening”.   Her presentation style was very informative, lively, and memorable.  She did a marvelous job of keeping it interesting and fun for the hundreds that attended.  The chatter at the end of the seminar was very, very positive, and the attendees gave her very high marks on their evaluations.

I highly recommend Angie as an effective instructor and educator.

Dr Mike Fuesting

CE Chairman, Danville District Dental Society

I heard Angie speak at the Wisconsin Dental Hygienists Annual Session. I had heard Angie before and was familiar with the subject of this lecture, but decided to attend anyway. It never ceases to amaze me how Angie has this unique ability to entertain, educate and inspire her audiences. I walked away with renewed enthusiasm and excitement! When Angie speaks, you find yourself listening. She was born to be a speaker!
Pam Hawkins, RDH

Angie has presented to the Blackhawk Technical College Dental Assistant program students for the past two years. She stands out among guest speakers with her engaging style, humor, and passion. She possesses a depth and breadth of knowledge that leaves you eager to share this newly learned information with every health care worker and patient!
Cynthia L. Ruiz, CDA, RDH, M.Ed

Dental Assistant Instructor

I’ve had the opportunity to work with Angie Stone at a recent event. I have done a lot of these types of events, however this was my first dental/medical event. Even as a non dental/medical person the seminar was interesting to me, I even took a few notes. Angie, was one of the best presenters I have ever worked with. She was passionate, confident, funny, and knows her subject inside and out.
Howard Pitkow

Professional Photographer

My professional life changed for the better when I met Angie. She has a knack for identifying a person’s strengths and weaknesses and guiding them professionally to develop their skills to the fullest extent. Angie’s energy and enthusiasm inspire everyone around her. She has a keen intuition for connecting professionals and a never-ending loyalty to help colleagues attain their highest potential. Her motivation, accomplishments, skills, and abilities continue to amaze me.

Jennifer Martinson, BS, RDH,CPC-A,CPB

Angie Stone brought fire and excitement back into my hygiene career after hearing her speak about eldercare. Her heartfelt mentorship provided me with the confidence and passion to start my own passion project and to be the change we wish to see in the world.

Kathy Rezba, RDH

Professional Guide

Angie’s career has brought her into contact with many professionals. Some are on fire with achieving their professional goals and others are not sure how to go about making steps toward what they desire. Angie was in that exact situation and was lucky to find some amazing guides to help her take action. Coming full circle, now she has helped many along their journey. Angie is ready and willing to help you too!

For more contact Angie today!

Online Learning

The internet certainly has given the world the ability to learn in the comfort of their own surroundings and on their own schedule. Angie’s online school takes full advantage of getting her knowledge to those who want it without having to travel, schedule a class and be somewhere at a certain time. Her course offerings encompass topics of oral health, elders, Alzheimer’s, as well as ground breaking information on Brain Preservation and Longevity. You won’t be disappointed in what you learn in Angie’s school!

Dying from Dirty Teeth, by Angie Stone

Angie’s passion for elders began when her mother in law was placed in a nursing home.   Since then she has been working with nursing home facilities and oral care specialists to improve the oral health of this population.  Dying From Dirty Teeth is a compilation of all the things she has learned while traveling this path.

Are you involved with a dental hygiene program? Many programs are incorporating Angie’s book and have her do a guest lecture for the students. If you are interested in this, contact Angie today!

Praise for Dying from Dirty Teeth

“Hundreds of thousands of our loved ones are living with, and sometimes dying from, painful and expensive conditions that could be ameliorated or avoided by adopting the sound win-win solutions proposed in this book by Angie Stone. Dying From Dirty Teeth is concise, accessible, and on the mark.”

John J. Dubats, DDS

“Angie conveys a compelling explanation of why poor oral hygiene is a long-term care facility’s most expensive and life impacting problem. It is silent and usually unrecognized. Angie offers solutions. If this easy to read message got to every nursing home resident’s family member and every decision-maker in Medicare and Medicaid, all nursing homes in the country would have a dental hygienist on staff. End-of-life care is financially crippling our country. The impact of the simple action steps she suggests could dramatically reduce the costs of hospitalizations related to diabetes, heart attacks, strokes, pneumonia, and others.”

Charles C. Whitney, MD

President and Founder, 3rd Era Dentistry

“People are absolutely dying too soon from dirty teeth and Angie Stone’s book uncovers this ticking time bomb.  Hear her warning and heed her call because this information will impact your aged loved ones right now and all of us sooner or later!”

Dr. Chris Kammer

Founding Father, Amercian Academy for Oral Systemic Health

Get a copy of
Angie’s Research FREE!

Original Research: Along with Shirley Gutkowski, RDH, BSDH, Angie conducted a first of it’s kind case study which revolved around improving the oral health of residents in nursing homes. Through the utilization of xylitol, the duo proved plaque levels can be reduced easily, without placing an extra burden on the care team. You can request a free copy of the research from Angie! Contact her today! 

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