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We have all heard the same story if we have any experience with Alzheimer’s Disease. The narrative sounds something like this, “If you are going to get Alzheimer’s, you are going to get it.” And because we hear this from people we trust, we simply take their word for it. And worse than that, we actually go around repeating this to others.

How does this make any sense? We live in a world where we don’t take no for an answer about anything. A world where we are empowered to do the impossible. Yet, when it comes trying to prevent a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s, we simply don’t open our eyes to what is possible.

We watch family members and friends lose their memories. We take them from their homes to be taken care of by strangers. Eventually their brain no longer can tell their lungs to breathe. We tell the stories of how heartbreaking it was to endure the longest most painful goodbye imaginable. And in the back of our minds, we hope this thief never visits us personally. Maybe it never will and maybe one day it will pay our brains a visit and never leave.

Sticking our heads in the sand and remaining uneducated because the topic makes us uneasy may be easier than taking any action, but it is a cop out. Making excuses about how we are too busy to do anything to take care of our brains is selfish. It is a conscious decision that ultimately will cause more pain to our families than to us personally. In the end we won’t have a clue what is happening. But, those who love us will have a front row seat as we are slowly taken away from them.

I don’t think this is what anyone wants, but knowledge on how to reduce our chances of a diagnosis is not mainstream information. However, if you are interested in learning, you can!

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